Bavarian Uhlans Resting for a Moment in a Small Village, by Max Joseph Pitzner (1855-1912)      

An oil painting by Max Joseph Pitzner (1855-1912) from Munich depicting Bavarian Uhlan troops stopping for water offered by a few villagers  

The uhlan are carrying lances with light blue and white pennants for Bavarian service.  Bavaria had two uhlan regiments. The uniforms are pre-war dark green. One of the troops standing in the road is a bugler with swallows nest insignia on his shoulders to indicate his position as a musician. He also has a bugle on a cord strapped to his back 

Max Joseph Pitzner painted a number of other equestrian related works including the “Horse Market” 

The helmets worn by uhlan have a square top which is a tradition for light cavalry of this type in many European armies. The tradition of the square lancer caps came from Poland where a hat with a similar square top was worn by civilians and Polish Lancers and made famous by the high level of performance of Polish Lancers in the Napoleonic Wars  

Above:  Signed by Max Pitzner 

Above: The Max Pitzner plate mounted on the frame of the Bavarian Uhlan painting.   Below:  A marking on the back of the painting.  If you have additional information about this painting please contact me at:  LOVETT155@HOTMAIL.COM       

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